Real Learning

Many organizations invest in training people. Often, staff is trained to pass exams and be certified! After that, hardly anything changes. Why?

Putting new knowledge to practice is difficult. People need more than a certificate to be able to apply newly acquired knowledge.

A Business Simulation is a consultancy and training intervention in which participants experiment actively and learn through reflection. They will discover their areas of improvement by making mistakes and observing themselves and others.

Also, a Business Simulation activates people. At the end they will draw up an improvement plan. Bordewijk Training helps making the transfer of what is learned by participants to their daily work.

Involved participants in The Greatest Move - an assignment delivered by Bordewijk Training

Tuned Business Simulations

To achieve success in the learning process Bordewijk Training will start with a full understanding of the objectives. Then, we 'tune' the game to link in with these learning objectives.

As partner of GamingWorks, Bordewijk Training can offer these games:

  • The Phoenix Project - Business driven IT Development and Operations (DevOps)
  • Apollo 13 - IT Service Management
  • Challenge of Egypt - Project Management (Scrum Variant)
  • Grab@Pizza - Business and IT Alignment
  • The Greatest Move - Business Process Management
  • Oceans 99 - Information Security Management

These simulations will be adapted to reflect learning objectives such as communication, leadership and influential aspects.

Action Based Learning

We use exercises in which participants will experience real mistakes and successes. They can solve these by applying knowledge and experience.

We will help them reflect on these and provide feedback on their actions. In this manner, participants will learn more about themselves and their impact on their environment. They will learn which approach fits their organization and can improve their team performance.

Other Accreditations

Bordewijk Training is accredited to deliver best practice training in (IT) Service Management, Business Information Management (BiSL), Agile / Scrum and LEAN IT. We can combine the delivery of a simulation with a certification training.

Maarten is CRKBO registered trainer.


Bordewijk Training is managed by Maarten Bordewijk.

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